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Friday, May 15, 2009

Dr,G Say

Dr.G created to help his friends in to create and set off in the blog. Here I will give examples of the element element to create a template.
I will provide a complete template and edit it in a way. Especially in the edit header background, and footer.Jadi you replace them in accordance with the usual taste kamu.Untuk more ease you in finding insvirasi I will provide a variety of header images, background images and other decorations. As flash.Tinggal select download and use without having to pay or free. All this I provide to establish friendship among bloger. Hopefully this is useful for his colleagues kawan.Jika less understand how to edit pictures, I also accept orders from his friends to edit the image in accordance with your wishes. please email me at kuansing_one@yahoo.co.id service is also free.
Word pack o.k. fellow teachers do sentient creation god. you share in accordance with what you can provide. and never expect rewards and compensation.
So confused and without a doubt. start creating blogs that are useful to themselves and also useful for other people.

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